End of an Era


End of an Era
End of a lifeline
End of an eternity
Start of a strive

The power to rebuild an empire
The strive to build it began long back
I’m capable and entire now
Thanks to the newly chosen track

Stronger than ever before
I believe in a bold me
Courageous and filled with hope dangling through it
Just like the banyan tree

Cheers to the new found love
Cheers to a life again
Cheers to the adrenaline rush
Cheers to the quest I began….

I formally bring an end to my Poetry section of this blog with these few lines. The reason for the same being that it doesn’t serve its purpose anymore. Having said almost everything that I wanted to, this section has been my one stop shop to dump all my thoughts. It’s a chapter of my life I choose not to extend furthermore. I thank you all for all the appreciation. Cheers!
Stay tuned for more photography henceforth…..thank you.


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