About Me

Raashi HD
Aged 20, I, Raashi Metkari currently pursue a bachelors degree in Mass Media Studies in Mumbai, India. Being an aspiring photojournalist, the one driving factor that has always pushed me into exploring this particular field has been the power of storytelling. I believe stories aren’t just a reservoir of cultures and coexistence, but rather something way more powerful in effectiveness and inspirational in nature.
In a world wherein parallel stories try to pave their way into the main stream, very many often lack the resources to do so, or are just victims to the compartmentalization of hierarchical structures in society. It is in this same world, where those privileged with a camera and a pinch of curiosity, can play the role of enablers to these stories.

With a clear mind that tells me each day “Every Story Matters” I enthralled on a journey in search of stories through my travel within India. It is in one of these trips that I realized my love for the road. Here, the road being my personal enabler of stories. Driving me around multiple cultures, and the panorama of diversity engulfed within, India has truly left me wanting for more. If asked what I see myself doing for a lifetime, my answer would only be being an enabler of tales from lands lesser known. Exposing the 9 to 5 working class to a parallel universe, that has been blurred by the main stream.

I currently work with Conde Nast India, but here’s what I have been up to in the past:
I have had the opportunity to work with/at –

  • 120 Media Collective
  • Lakme Fashion Week – Winter Festive 2014
  • Mumbai International Film Fesival (MAMI)
  • Nostalgiati Films
  • Humans of Mumbai
  • Bullseye Magazine
  • The Rotary Club
  • Indian International Model United Nations
  • ThisWeekMumbai.com
  • among others…….
  • Appreciation for Raashi Metkari –
    In every picture she has clicked, a new story unfolds, responsible and socially aware, impressive knowledge of the world she holds. – Rotary International

To know more about me follow me on –

  • Instagram- raashi_hd
  • You can also write to me at –
  • The blog has been divided into various categories for simpler classification purposes. The categories are therefore explained below –
  1. Blog – The post under this category indicate my own personal thoughts and views regarding a particular subject. Its the written side of my blog.
  2. Out of the box – This is a category of pictures that are not very common to see. They are collection of pictures that something or the other different or as a matter of fact have something ‘out of the box’ about them.
  3. Photo that speaks – A photo can speak a thousand words. Believing in this line, this category is dedicated to pictures that speak for themselves. A picture that itself can depict what I am trying to say.
  4. Poetry – Since this is my first blog ever I have added a little poetry section to give it a human touch. This category represents my feelings towards someone who was very special to me. This section is my way of talking to that person, who was very dear to me, but unfortunately I couldn’t keep with myself forever.
  5. What everybody see’s – This is a category of images that we come across in our daily lives. The people, objects, occasions, and so much more that often everybody has in common.

Thank you so much for visiting. Have a nice day.
Keep smiling. Keep clicking!



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