The Telephone Call 

Recently I came across a very interestingly written short story by Dorothy Perkins. What might seem like a hopeless romantic rant in the beginning turns out to be quiete a journey in itself throughout the story. What’s interesting here is that the entire story is based on the protagonist awaiting her ex lovers call and all the thoughts (umpteen of them) and emotions she experiences in the wait. 

Commenting on the role of hope, patience, eagerness, self reflection, needs…the writer has expressed the  varying moods after the end of a romantic love affair in the most honest way. 





Every time i said i missed you, i meant it.
Every time i said i loved you, it was true.

From where did this awkwardness come in between us.
We started keeping things to ourselves.
It went on all piling up,
And we didn’t even care.

It went up to such an extent,
We didn’t know where to start.
It was too late by the time we knew everything,
Everything had already fallen apart.

Talking turned into a formality,
The same that once was fun.
The memories we had since such a long time,
Forever now seemed undone.

Today when we talk it seems so dull,
So uninterested you’ve been.
The things i say are still the same,
The same that once made you keen.

It was me who suffered for all you know,
I overlooked it all.
None of it would have lasted so long,
Remember, this was your call.

What happened if it were for months,
I see it as a nap.
While i am trying with all my efforts,
YOU are creating the gap.

Its the same gap that you blame now,
A reason to be away from “us”.
Funny is the irony of the situation,
It is still ME you don’t trust.

Someone you swore upon,
To be forever there.
Now that this gap comes in between,
And you don’t even care.

Save us from the sin of regret,
I pray to all who can.
I never wish to be without you,
You are my perfect man.

Concluding my lines id like to say,
Without you a life seems grey,
Still wondering how you are being away,
Marks my words as i say-

Every time i say i miss you, it is with the purest heart.
Every time i say i love you, I DO.

– Raashi MET.