The Beautiful Morning 


 As the waves touched my feet; 

I opened my eyes to the glistening sun.

Ahead of me lay the still ocean, 

And a blanket of wings above.

With the morning dew on his cheek;

Resembling a golden pearl, 

Just one in a million. 

He was still, motionless like a sleeping child. 

Just the way he was before, 

When I stabbed him last night. 

Now, I could talk all that I want to for hours to go. 

It indeed, was a beautiful morning. 

-Raashi Metkari 


Shimmering Slush.



This so reminds me of a yummy mixture of vanilla and butter scotch fondue with crushed flavored ice and chocolate chips. Mouth watering isn’t it! sadly this is just a snapshot i took while chilling over the beach. An attempt of capturing the sparkling sand with a blazing sun above it.