A State of Grey

A tint of gorgeous white
Coupled with the shade of headstrong black
Gives us the tone of an eternity
Grey, the result of prolonged forth and back.

Tracing the journey within,
It emerges through the cohesion of thought
A state of mind rather,
Building upon a trail of forgotten,
Grey, echoes in the heart.

Its existence once realized,
Amends constructed realities.
Created are storms of emotions
Coupled with a state of surreal trance
Grey, you’re welcome with open arms.

Parallel runs a crescent
Emerging through the wonders of a child’s mind
Envying the detached solitude of Grey,
A mere existence revealed.

As the emptiness sinks in
Overwhelmed with the power of nada
It’s grey,
A solid whole.
Beyond the individual,
Beyond the worlds esplanade.

Welcome, to a state of Grey.


New beginnings



New beginnings are all so good
Welcome them all with a smile, we should
Its like the fruit of your own sown tree
Leaving behind the sour, sweet as melody.

New beginnings are all about you
The way you perceive it
Its what you do.

New beginnings are like quicksand
Taking it easy, do not demand
Be wise and give it your best
Be true to yourself, its your conquest

New beginnings are just like undiscovered doors
Love, peace, and hope you explore.
Expecting anything else will go in vain
Remember you wont get this chance again.

New beginnings dont come everyday
Once in a blue moon they come our way
Make the best of them is what i say
For new beginnings hardly come nowadays.