A State of Grey

A tint of gorgeous white
Coupled with the shade of headstrong black
Gives us the tone of an eternity
Grey, the result of prolonged forth and back.

Tracing the journey within,
It emerges through the cohesion of thought
A state of mind rather,
Building upon a trail of forgotten,
Grey, echoes in the heart.

Its existence once realized,
Amends constructed realities.
Created are storms of emotions
Coupled with a state of surreal trance
Grey, you’re welcome with open arms.

Parallel runs a crescent
Emerging through the wonders of a child’s mind
Envying the detached solitude of Grey,
A mere existence revealed.

As the emptiness sinks in
Overwhelmed with the power of nada
It’s grey,
A solid whole.
Beyond the individual,
Beyond the worlds esplanade.

Welcome, to a state of Grey.


A Special Friendship Band

Our peers really are a very important part of our lives.
I have been privileged to have had a very socially lovable image in my school days. Making friends was never really a problem to me. I am grateful to have a handful extremely wonderful people in my life who have been with me consistently throughout. But there are always a majority chunk of people who have seen just parts and phases of your life.
Back in school friendship bands and sketch pens used to fight with each other for a little space on our hands. Right now, I can hardly find one person who remembers any of it.
Today. No bands. No sketch pens. Just one small incident that urged me to write this article.
When I was just wondering about the irony of the situation, I had someone come up to me with a beautiful friendship band made of colorful hearts which had “friend” written in it. This young friend of mine really got me thinking.
All of us have different versions of friend for ourselves. We even differ with experiences with them.
For my little young one he saw a friend in me. Someone who just smiles at him and plays with him. We aren’t emotionally close, nor is he big enough to understand any of the life lessons which he can discuss with me. I kept wondering what made him think I was friend to him.
After a while I realised the answer. Something that is very simple but true. Like I said friends depend on our perceptions and our own definitions for them. For some, friends are people who they share things with. Others, just acquaintances. And as in this case, it’s just someone who he spends time with and gets a smile in return.
At once where I thought about how times have changed so drastically, I have one little kid make my day for me. He not only told me there is hope but also that I too was special.
So this is a little dedication to you. Who made my day, thankyou to you. Unknowingly you did made me feel extremely special. There isn’t any way you would understand any of this now kiddo. Few years down the line Il show this article to you myself. Cheers.
Happy friendship day to all.



We began just like the rest

Who knew it would be such a fest !
Wishing each other all the very best
Heres our journey to our little quest

It was as if souls had met
Eternally blessed with their love
They would bring a shame to the purest
Even to the most beautiful dove

Being possessive when anyone spoke to me
Oh, it was just the start.
Together and forever we promised
Indeed, never fell apart.

Protected is what i felt,
The first time i held his hand.
I knew it would be there forever,
Id found my man.

We danced together,
On every tune that played.
Careless to the rhythm,
Like swans we swayed.

We met in the craziest dreams
Even created fairy tales
Always celebrated every 26th
Also, we’d never forget

Hurdles did come our way
But we faced them all alone
Facing the evil of this ugly world
A lovely halo we adorned

A crown of love and peace and respect
One that isn’t easy to find
One that comes with a lot of hard work
It was something one of a kind.

Motivated to hold on
We kept our hopes high
Even when fate played its games with us
We stood strong against the mighty dark sky

Be good or bad,
Be ups or downs.
Just everything, was there.
Being alone was never a choice,
Not a moment without each other we could spare.

Time flew in its rage,
While months passed by.
We matured together like little birds,
Getting ready to fly.

We made mistakes but learned from them
Learned, to adjust.
Fought several times throughout our tale
Learned, trust is a must.

Such was the bond we shared,
It was all i could wish for.
After all the struggle we had been through,
I felt the most blessed of all.

Moments came and passed,
He made me feel like a queen.
There were good and there were bad times.
Today, we turn eighteen.

Heres the end to a never lasting bond,
I pray it be remembered for ages.
This is my story to you my friends,
About my love and me.

The Golden Lining


The Golden Lining

Every cloud has a silver lining? Not really, its golden too. A picture i took after waking up early morning just to capture the sun rise.
It very well represents our life, moreover, motivates us. Whenever we loose hope, we should remember every cloud does have a golden lining.