The Beautiful Morning 


 As the waves touched my feet; 

I opened my eyes to the glistening sun.

Ahead of me lay the still ocean, 

And a blanket of wings above.

With the morning dew on his cheek;

Resembling a golden pearl, 

Just one in a million. 

He was still, motionless like a sleeping child. 

Just the way he was before, 

When I stabbed him last night. 

Now, I could talk all that I want to for hours to go. 

It indeed, was a beautiful morning. 

-Raashi Metkari 


The Golden Lining


The Golden Lining

Every cloud has a silver lining? Not really, its golden too. A picture i took after waking up early morning just to capture the sun rise.
It very well represents our life, moreover, motivates us. Whenever we loose hope, we should remember every cloud does have a golden lining.