The One. Probably the Only. 


Yesterday I ran into a friend I hadn’t seen in awhile. As we did our quick five-minute catch-up, she asked me how my ex was doing. After I did my well rehearsed polite response, “Actually we aren’t together anymore, so I am not entirely sure,” she gave me the immediate look of sadness and sympathy that I always get. I’m well used to that look, I guess that’s what happens when the man you thought you were going to marry breaks up with you, but after giving me “the look,” she told me that she knows I’ll find someone new and I will love him just as much, if not more. Her words, meant to make me feel better about being single, really got me thinking.I hope she is wrong. I hope I never find someone I love as much as him.

I don’t say that because I am a cynic, and I don’t say that because I hope we get back together. I say that simply because the love I shared with him was too much for me. It was raw, it was passionate, it was all-encompassing, it was emotional, it was everything. He was the first thing I thought about in the morning and the last thing I thought about at night. I felt incomplete when I wasn’t around him, and when he was near it was like everything was right in the world again. He was my other half, and what I considered the best part of myself. He made me crazy and emotional. It was like our entire time together was a roller coaster of missing him, loving him, hating him, and needing him.

And I pray to God I never ever feel that way again.
I hope my ex was the love of my life because I never want to feel that kind of love again. I had it for years that seemed so short. It changed my life and it is something that I will cherish for the rest of forever. I found that kind of love young and I loved every minute of being in it. Even when we were fighting and I hated him, I loved it.
But I never want to feel it again. That kind of pain and hurt mixed in with such passionate love was too much for me. It was too much for my heart to handle and when he decided to leave me, I didn’t understand how the world would keep turning.

But it did keep turning, and one day the ache in my chest stopped hurting and all the broken little pieces of my heart and soul seemed to be put back together. That’s when I realized I don’t need that kind of love or that kind of life. It’s not that I don’t want to fall in love again. I can’t wait to fall in love again, but I hope and pray it is a very different kind of love.

I don’t want someone to be my other half, I want someone who makes me feel whole on my own. I don’t want to miss someone so much it hurts, I want to know that even when I am apart from him I can trust him and know that he is coming home to me. I don’t want him to be my last thought when I go to bed at night because I want him to be beside me when I go to bed at night. I don’t want him to be the best part of me, I want him to encourage me and push me to be the best self I can be on my own. I want a partner. I want someone I can rely on 24 hours out of the day, seven days a week. I want a love that makes me smile and go to bed completely content with my life, not one that keeps me up at night. I don’t want a man who treats me like a princess and the most precious thing in the world, I want him to treat our daughter like that. I don’t want to be the love of his life because I want our family to be. 

: Kelsey Hau 


The Anchor

Raashi HD
To be grounded or to set sail,
To get aboard or just stay still,
To remain afloat or hop on the wagon,
To hold on, or let go the lagan,
It is you,
And only you.
The Anchor to your life.

Own up to the decisions that went wrong,
Own up for the efforts of the mother who made you strong.
Owning up is the only key to growth,
Owning up not just for you, but the stakeholders aboard.
Own up cause it is you,
And only you.
The Anchor to your life.

Prepare yourself as the sea gets cold,
Prepare for the dream, watch it unfold,
Prepare as life happens in a flash too quick,
Prepare to treasure the memories you click.
Prepare as it is you,
And only you,
The Anchor to your life.

Believe in you
Admire the bold
Innovate yourself
You’re never too old
Because it is you,
And only you,
The Captain of the ship.
The Anchor to your own life.

– Raashi Metkari


We began just like the rest

Who knew it would be such a fest !
Wishing each other all the very best
Heres our journey to our little quest

It was as if souls had met
Eternally blessed with their love
They would bring a shame to the purest
Even to the most beautiful dove

Being possessive when anyone spoke to me
Oh, it was just the start.
Together and forever we promised
Indeed, never fell apart.

Protected is what i felt,
The first time i held his hand.
I knew it would be there forever,
Id found my man.

We danced together,
On every tune that played.
Careless to the rhythm,
Like swans we swayed.

We met in the craziest dreams
Even created fairy tales
Always celebrated every 26th
Also, we’d never forget

Hurdles did come our way
But we faced them all alone
Facing the evil of this ugly world
A lovely halo we adorned

A crown of love and peace and respect
One that isn’t easy to find
One that comes with a lot of hard work
It was something one of a kind.

Motivated to hold on
We kept our hopes high
Even when fate played its games with us
We stood strong against the mighty dark sky

Be good or bad,
Be ups or downs.
Just everything, was there.
Being alone was never a choice,
Not a moment without each other we could spare.

Time flew in its rage,
While months passed by.
We matured together like little birds,
Getting ready to fly.

We made mistakes but learned from them
Learned, to adjust.
Fought several times throughout our tale
Learned, trust is a must.

Such was the bond we shared,
It was all i could wish for.
After all the struggle we had been through,
I felt the most blessed of all.

Moments came and passed,
He made me feel like a queen.
There were good and there were bad times.
Today, we turn eighteen.

Heres the end to a never lasting bond,
I pray it be remembered for ages.
This is my story to you my friends,
About my love and me.