Oblivion (26/11)


Photo credits – Mayur Malusare

Whatever comes has to go,
Whoever arrives needs to leave.
Time passes as we bond for ages,
Jumble of human relations we tend to weave.

Today’s the day when you first said hello to me,
Being an acquaintance i replied to speak.
Who’d have known what awaited ahead of it all,
We were too engrossed in nurturing our lovely bond.

So scared you were while asking for my number just a week from now,
All day chit chat then followed somehow.
Two months from now we decided to meet,On seeing each other with a hug we’d greet

By now the dots had connected,
And the hearts had met.
Trust and belief grew stronger,
It was something hard to forget.

Not a day without each other we could stay
In the lovely fairytales we simply sway
Just when we were about to say ‘yes’,
Reality hit us like a demon, no less.

But like there is a dawn after every dusk,
You rescued us from getting rust.
You stood for hope and my belief was you
Went went through it all- the red, grey, black and blue.

As months passed we bloomed like the beautiful spring.
Whenever i felt low, a smile you could bring.
That was the power you had over me,
Something explained way beyond ecstasy.

They say the best memories are those,
That go unplanned.
I still abide to my words-
You were my perfect man.

Yes it was true, i was proud of us
Cause i had’nt ever known anybody like us
Had’nt ever thought id say this tonight
Its supposed to be OUR special day, right?

Forever and after as they say,
Wished they really meant it that way,
Doesnt really seem to real to me,
Cause nothing lasts forever, you see.

Living the life of what we are expected to be,
We lost each other somewhere between the agony.
Placed self interest above everything else.
It brought an end to our conquest.
Just like puppets, we were minions,
Heres to a life of oblivion.

Leaving aside all that took place,
Id like to say im glad i met you.
Even between all the drama,
You made me feel loved, priviledged, happy and true.
Cheers to US, today we turn Two!