A State of Grey

A tint of gorgeous white
Coupled with the shade of headstrong black
Gives us the tone of an eternity
Grey, the result of prolonged forth and back.

Tracing the journey within,
It emerges through the cohesion of thought
A state of mind rather,
Building upon a trail of forgotten,
Grey, echoes in the heart.

Its existence once realized,
Amends constructed realities.
Created are storms of emotions
Coupled with a state of surreal trance
Grey, you’re welcome with open arms.

Parallel runs a crescent
Emerging through the wonders of a child’s mind
Envying the detached solitude of Grey,
A mere existence revealed.

As the emptiness sinks in
Overwhelmed with the power of nada
It’s grey,
A solid whole.
Beyond the individual,
Beyond the worlds esplanade.

Welcome, to a state of Grey.


The Beautiful Morning 


 As the waves touched my feet; 

I opened my eyes to the glistening sun.

Ahead of me lay the still ocean, 

And a blanket of wings above.

With the morning dew on his cheek;

Resembling a golden pearl, 

Just one in a million. 

He was still, motionless like a sleeping child. 

Just the way he was before, 

When I stabbed him last night. 

Now, I could talk all that I want to for hours to go. 

It indeed, was a beautiful morning. 

-Raashi Metkari 

The Anchor

Raashi HD
To be grounded or to set sail,
To get aboard or just stay still,
To remain afloat or hop on the wagon,
To hold on, or let go the lagan,
It is you,
And only you.
The Anchor to your life.

Own up to the decisions that went wrong,
Own up for the efforts of the mother who made you strong.
Owning up is the only key to growth,
Owning up not just for you, but the stakeholders aboard.
Own up cause it is you,
And only you.
The Anchor to your life.

Prepare yourself as the sea gets cold,
Prepare for the dream, watch it unfold,
Prepare as life happens in a flash too quick,
Prepare to treasure the memories you click.
Prepare as it is you,
And only you,
The Anchor to your life.

Believe in you
Admire the bold
Innovate yourself
You’re never too old
Because it is you,
And only you,
The Captain of the ship.
The Anchor to your own life.

– Raashi Metkari

End of an Era


End of an Era
End of a lifeline
End of an eternity
Start of a strive

The power to rebuild an empire
The strive to build it began long back
I’m capable and entire now
Thanks to the newly chosen track

Stronger than ever before
I believe in a bold me
Courageous and filled with hope dangling through it
Just like the banyan tree

Cheers to the new found love
Cheers to a life again
Cheers to the adrenaline rush
Cheers to the quest I began….

I formally bring an end to my Poetry section of this blog with these few lines. The reason for the same being that it doesn’t serve its purpose anymore. Having said almost everything that I wanted to, this section has been my one stop shop to dump all my thoughts. It’s a chapter of my life I choose not to extend furthermore. I thank you all for all the appreciation. Cheers!
Stay tuned for more photography henceforth…..thank you.

One way. Two say. Three years…


It’s the day you went on your knees for me,
A day, meant for us.
A day, signifying our beginning.
A day, also marking the rust.

At times you feel like you’ve resurrected from the past,
With a lot of voices in your head.
Theres a sense of freedom of some kind,
But thats just a metophor instead.

Cause it’s now when the feeling sinks in,
The real challenge initiates ahead.
The thought of being without you all my life,
Bring shudders, while I lay in bed.

Thinking about the future past
Each day I lay wide awake,
Thinking where I lost it all
Was it all my just my mistake?

Then the successive thoughts follow,
When nothing makes sense anymore.
There are times when I feel your here,
In dreams I come knocking at your door.

How am I supposed to move on,
When I’m still in love with you.
Maybe that’s why they say you ‘fall’ in love,
It’s something you just can’t undo.

I choose to not leave for the one thing you did wrong,
But to stay, for all the other things you did right.
This is my belief.
He stole my heart in every single way, and was begone. The thief.

Living in constant fear ever since,
Fear of trusting anyone again,
A fear that has only grown over the year,
It’s made me unsure of who I am.

Lost my friends and everything along,
Pushed everyone further away.
Got myself believing in the fact,
If you could leave, so could they.

Iv lived days, almost a year of guilt.
Guilt of something I didn’t commit.
Analysing what went wrong in haste,
Missing every single moment spent with you,
Clinging to every ray of hope together we lit.

Days, and months, and years I recall.
Happy, young, wild and care free.
Sailing swiftly on a boat named ‘life’,
Today, we turn three.
Today, we turn three.

P.S. I miss you, too.

Oblivion (26/11)


Photo credits – Mayur Malusare

Whatever comes has to go,
Whoever arrives needs to leave.
Time passes as we bond for ages,
Jumble of human relations we tend to weave.

Today’s the day when you first said hello to me,
Being an acquaintance i replied to speak.
Who’d have known what awaited ahead of it all,
We were too engrossed in nurturing our lovely bond.

So scared you were while asking for my number just a week from now,
All day chit chat then followed somehow.
Two months from now we decided to meet,On seeing each other with a hug we’d greet

By now the dots had connected,
And the hearts had met.
Trust and belief grew stronger,
It was something hard to forget.

Not a day without each other we could stay
In the lovely fairytales we simply sway
Just when we were about to say ‘yes’,
Reality hit us like a demon, no less.

But like there is a dawn after every dusk,
You rescued us from getting rust.
You stood for hope and my belief was you
Went went through it all- the red, grey, black and blue.

As months passed we bloomed like the beautiful spring.
Whenever i felt low, a smile you could bring.
That was the power you had over me,
Something explained way beyond ecstasy.

They say the best memories are those,
That go unplanned.
I still abide to my words-
You were my perfect man.

Yes it was true, i was proud of us
Cause i had’nt ever known anybody like us
Had’nt ever thought id say this tonight
Its supposed to be OUR special day, right?

Forever and after as they say,
Wished they really meant it that way,
Doesnt really seem to real to me,
Cause nothing lasts forever, you see.

Living the life of what we are expected to be,
We lost each other somewhere between the agony.
Placed self interest above everything else.
It brought an end to our conquest.
Just like puppets, we were minions,
Heres to a life of oblivion.

Leaving aside all that took place,
Id like to say im glad i met you.
Even between all the drama,
You made me feel loved, priviledged, happy and true.
Cheers to US, today we turn Two!



Every time i said i missed you, i meant it.
Every time i said i loved you, it was true.

From where did this awkwardness come in between us.
We started keeping things to ourselves.
It went on all piling up,
And we didn’t even care.

It went up to such an extent,
We didn’t know where to start.
It was too late by the time we knew everything,
Everything had already fallen apart.

Talking turned into a formality,
The same that once was fun.
The memories we had since such a long time,
Forever now seemed undone.

Today when we talk it seems so dull,
So uninterested you’ve been.
The things i say are still the same,
The same that once made you keen.

It was me who suffered for all you know,
I overlooked it all.
None of it would have lasted so long,
Remember, this was your call.

What happened if it were for months,
I see it as a nap.
While i am trying with all my efforts,
YOU are creating the gap.

Its the same gap that you blame now,
A reason to be away from “us”.
Funny is the irony of the situation,
It is still ME you don’t trust.

Someone you swore upon,
To be forever there.
Now that this gap comes in between,
And you don’t even care.

Save us from the sin of regret,
I pray to all who can.
I never wish to be without you,
You are my perfect man.

Concluding my lines id like to say,
Without you a life seems grey,
Still wondering how you are being away,
Marks my words as i say-

Every time i say i miss you, it is with the purest heart.
Every time i say i love you, I DO.

– Raashi MET.