Kerala Unlocked

#KeralaUnlocked consisted of a photo series that ran on that aimed at capturing the essence of the enthralling escapade I had while touring the State of Kerala, in India.
Its mesmerizing beauty and breathtaking landscapes coupled with the timid backwaters have catered to the taste of masses. The vacation was just what I needed, in order to rejuvenate my senses and the trip came into my life just in the right moment! So, here’s presenting to you…Kerala Unlocked.

Raashi HD
Raashi HD
Raashi HD
Raashi HD

Raashi HD

Raashi HD
Raashi HD
*the photos are in monochrome purposefully to be left upon the viewer to color for themselves in their minds.


Exquisite Art promoted by Colleen Shakti


Colleen is a young and vibrant classical dancer from California. As a child she trained herself in belly dancing. She learned the Indian classical dance form of Odissi for two years in the USA, followed by her arrival in India in 2001.

She trained under Padma Cheran Dehury in Orissa and then went to Pushkar, Rajasthan.
Here, she met a local tribe named- Khalbelia ‘Gypsies’ who captivated her attention by their wild and natural expression of tribal existence. They let her research about their folk dances and helped her understand the rhythms and movements of various folk styles across Rajasthan.

Her friendship with this tribe has strengthened over the years. So much, that along with their support she was able to fulfill her dream of setting up a sacred dance space dedicated to her art.

In 2004, she established the Shakti School Of Dance, within a famous Vishnu temple of Pushkar. Various classical dance forms along with belly dancing and many fusions are taught here. Her tribal mates are found teaching their own folk styles too.

Colleen has performed at numerous international and national festivals and programs along with these dancers throughout the years that followed. Not just this, her success has also led to the creation of “The Pushkar Temple Dance Festival”, an annual music concert focusing on the Odissi Classical art form, in one of India’s most sacred cities, Pushkar.

It was an honour for me to be able to capture such a strong persona. She has very beautifully bridged the gap between Eastern and Western cultures. A very humble person within, Colleen, your inspirational 🙂


Amongst the ranges of Manali

Amongst the ranges of Manali

Known for the Rohtang Pass , Solang valley , Rohla falls , Tibetan Monastery , and its unspoilt scenic grandeur Manali serves it all.