A girl from the city.


Over and over and over again,

Its like she should accept the pain.

Inviting it every time its gone,

Leaving behind some ugly mourn.

Amongst the hustle of daily roads,

She finds her way through the doors.

Self establishment was her aim,

How could she get so easily swayed.

Love got her blown away,

Never getting back home, not even today.

Between the roar and chores she lay,

Destiny had its games to play.

Next came the phase of hard work,

Accompanied with a broken heart.

She went from rags to riches,

Now she lay broken apart.

Life is a full time job,

Perseverance is the key.

One should be sufficient enough,

Avoiding the “help me”.

Why does she always end up this way,

In the position of pity.

Breaking into pieces day by day,

Trying to make sense of the world,

This is a girl from the city.

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