One way. Two say. Three years…


It’s the day you went on your knees for me,
A day, meant for us.
A day, signifying our beginning.
A day, also marking the rust.

At times you feel like you’ve resurrected from the past,
With a lot of voices in your head.
Theres a sense of freedom of some kind,
But thats just a metophor instead.

Cause it’s now when the feeling sinks in,
The real challenge initiates ahead.
The thought of being without you all my life,
Bring shudders, while I lay in bed.

Thinking about the future past
Each day I lay wide awake,
Thinking where I lost it all
Was it all my just my mistake?

Then the successive thoughts follow,
When nothing makes sense anymore.
There are times when I feel your here,
In dreams I come knocking at your door.

How am I supposed to move on,
When I’m still in love with you.
Maybe that’s why they say you ‘fall’ in love,
It’s something you just can’t undo.

I choose to not leave for the one thing you did wrong,
But to stay, for all the other things you did right.
This is my belief.
He stole my heart in every single way, and was begone. The thief.

Living in constant fear ever since,
Fear of trusting anyone again,
A fear that has only grown over the year,
It’s made me unsure of who I am.

Lost my friends and everything along,
Pushed everyone further away.
Got myself believing in the fact,
If you could leave, so could they.

Iv lived days, almost a year of guilt.
Guilt of something I didn’t commit.
Analysing what went wrong in haste,
Missing every single moment spent with you,
Clinging to every ray of hope together we lit.

Days, and months, and years I recall.
Happy, young, wild and care free.
Sailing swiftly on a boat named ‘life’,
Today, we turn three.
Today, we turn three.

P.S. I miss you, too.




Every time i said i missed you, i meant it.
Every time i said i loved you, it was true.

From where did this awkwardness come in between us.
We started keeping things to ourselves.
It went on all piling up,
And we didn’t even care.

It went up to such an extent,
We didn’t know where to start.
It was too late by the time we knew everything,
Everything had already fallen apart.

Talking turned into a formality,
The same that once was fun.
The memories we had since such a long time,
Forever now seemed undone.

Today when we talk it seems so dull,
So uninterested you’ve been.
The things i say are still the same,
The same that once made you keen.

It was me who suffered for all you know,
I overlooked it all.
None of it would have lasted so long,
Remember, this was your call.

What happened if it were for months,
I see it as a nap.
While i am trying with all my efforts,
YOU are creating the gap.

Its the same gap that you blame now,
A reason to be away from “us”.
Funny is the irony of the situation,
It is still ME you don’t trust.

Someone you swore upon,
To be forever there.
Now that this gap comes in between,
And you don’t even care.

Save us from the sin of regret,
I pray to all who can.
I never wish to be without you,
You are my perfect man.

Concluding my lines id like to say,
Without you a life seems grey,
Still wondering how you are being away,
Marks my words as i say-

Every time i say i miss you, it is with the purest heart.
Every time i say i love you, I DO.

– Raashi MET.

A girl from the city.


Over and over and over again,

Its like she should accept the pain.

Inviting it every time its gone,

Leaving behind some ugly mourn.

Amongst the hustle of daily roads,

She finds her way through the doors.

Self establishment was her aim,

How could she get so easily swayed.

Love got her blown away,

Never getting back home, not even today.

Between the roar and chores she lay,

Destiny had its games to play.

Next came the phase of hard work,

Accompanied with a broken heart.

She went from rags to riches,

Now she lay broken apart.

Life is a full time job,

Perseverance is the key.

One should be sufficient enough,

Avoiding the “help me”.

Why does she always end up this way,

In the position of pity.

Breaking into pieces day by day,

Trying to make sense of the world,

This is a girl from the city.

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We began just like the rest

Who knew it would be such a fest !
Wishing each other all the very best
Heres our journey to our little quest

It was as if souls had met
Eternally blessed with their love
They would bring a shame to the purest
Even to the most beautiful dove

Being possessive when anyone spoke to me
Oh, it was just the start.
Together and forever we promised
Indeed, never fell apart.

Protected is what i felt,
The first time i held his hand.
I knew it would be there forever,
Id found my man.

We danced together,
On every tune that played.
Careless to the rhythm,
Like swans we swayed.

We met in the craziest dreams
Even created fairy tales
Always celebrated every 26th
Also, we’d never forget

Hurdles did come our way
But we faced them all alone
Facing the evil of this ugly world
A lovely halo we adorned

A crown of love and peace and respect
One that isn’t easy to find
One that comes with a lot of hard work
It was something one of a kind.

Motivated to hold on
We kept our hopes high
Even when fate played its games with us
We stood strong against the mighty dark sky

Be good or bad,
Be ups or downs.
Just everything, was there.
Being alone was never a choice,
Not a moment without each other we could spare.

Time flew in its rage,
While months passed by.
We matured together like little birds,
Getting ready to fly.

We made mistakes but learned from them
Learned, to adjust.
Fought several times throughout our tale
Learned, trust is a must.

Such was the bond we shared,
It was all i could wish for.
After all the struggle we had been through,
I felt the most blessed of all.

Moments came and passed,
He made me feel like a queen.
There were good and there were bad times.
Today, we turn eighteen.

Heres the end to a never lasting bond,
I pray it be remembered for ages.
This is my story to you my friends,
About my love and me.

Whenever you try to find reasons to not to be with someone……

” Whenever you try to find reasons to not to be with someone , you will always find them. Sometimes, you should just let go of these and give your heart what it deserves. ”


Something i read recently, it is very much true indeed. Whenever you think of reasons to leave someone you will always find them very easily. If you apply this for all the people you know you will never have anyone at all because nobody is perfect. We are all having some drawback or the other. That’s why, at time we should just ignore that part of a person and give our heart what it deserves. Love. Affection. Respect.



Invisible is what i feel
Even when surrounded by hundred
Maybe that’s because you complete me
Make me feel wanted

I have hurt you and i say im sorry
I did not mean to do so
Dying a little inside as days pass
I love you and forever will, you know.

Never intended to have you feel this way
When will this time surpass
I miss everything
Even the little moments, they’re all hiding behind the mask

Warring through the bad
As evil gets thick on your way
Removing the mist of thunder
Capturing the mighty dark day.

Its just the way life is ,
Giving another chance is all it takes
Its the courage that matters in your mind
Better the sooner it awakes.

Making mistakes is common to all
We’re supposed to be that way
To learn is what is important
To forgive is what is needed
To love is what it takes.